Bodyboarding – My Love Affair

You might be wandering what in my right mind could have compelled me to quit my job and leave it all behind. As a teen, my life revolved around bodyboarding. It was more than a sport it was a culture and we were loving the ride. The lifesaving days, parties, good mates, chicks and everything […]

My First Tattoo

I had been considering getting a tattoo since the age of seventeen. At the age of twenty eight, I finally put myself in the line of ink. I always said that if I get a tattoo, it must have some sort of meaning or symbolism. I had been thinking long and hard and wasn’t sure […]

Mindfulness and Buddhism

I recently attended a meditation retreat organised by the Wat Suandok temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The retreat gave me an insight into Buddhism and taught me about the importance of mindfulness in our lives. To be mindful means to live in the present and to observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance without […]