Building Aircrete Domes

Bioveda family

We were watching some late night bogus on TV after a night out on Long street, Cape Town. It was getting late, for some reason, I checked my email, said to Jonny ” hey man, check this out, I’m in, are you keen”?. Two weeks later we were on our way to Jo’burg, I hadn’t […]

The Solar Living Institute

solar living center

A place of abundance and prosperity, learning and cultivating, friendships, networks and self-improvement. It was in November 2016 when I decided to enrol into the Solar Living Institute (SLI) internship programme. At the time I was working on a few projects in Thailand, building plastic recycling devices, learning about solar PV in rural settings as […]

Work as a Civil’s Contractor

Construction Site: Keiskamma Bridge

My Construction experience as an ‘appie’ I want to help make your time on site pleasant I also want to inspire you to persevere through the tough times. Allow me to share my knowledge gained from 5 years working in South Africa on civil engineering contracts. I’ve worked on regional roads, national roads, water reticulation […]

Mthatha Reservoir Dogs

My flights were booked, and we were putting in long hours to finish on time. It was a project I had set my sights on and had full intentions of seeing it through to the end, what happened next was life changing and almost unbearable at times… A Brief Outline I was employed as a […]

Time Travel Idea

For many years, I have been curious about various phenomenon such as teleportation and time travel. I now believe that I understand an integral part of the latter. Allow me to explain my perspective on time travel and how I arrived there I was recently writing down the key elements of creating a business plan […]