Are you bored at your job or feeling the urge to see something new?

Have you been thinking about working and travelling the world like thousands of others?

Are you skeptical about the thousands of success stories about how easy it is to leave it all and start an adventure of a lifetime?

My Background

I had a great Civil Engineering job with a good salary and the future in the company was looking bright. There was something missing though and I wasn’t quite sure what it was. I had to start crossing off some of my bucket list so I decided to trust my judgement, quit my job and follow my dreams.

 Ten skills I have Gained.

  1. The Ability to Inspire Others: I wanted to go and see the world and try my luck down a different path. I have decided to do it sooner rather than later.  If it doesn’t work out the way I was expecting, at least I can say that I tried without thinking “what if”.
  2. Decision Making: I booked my flight ten months in advance. This was one of the most difficult steps, deciding on a departure date and making the ‘impulsive’ decision to go with it.
  3. Prioritizing and Planning: Store it or sell it. I wanted to leave and I couldn’t use materialistic items, possessions and personal belongings as an excuse not to. If you have a pet, ask a friend or family member to look after it for a while and compensate them for it by paying for the food and their effort.
  4. Communication Skills and Delegating: I did my homework regarding visas and entry permits for my destination of choice. I am more than capable of doing it but I knew that this was Tracey’s strong point so I delegated the task to her. Be sure to double check connecting flights, departure terminals and bus routes to and from various airports. (Thanks Trace)
  5. Technical Skills and Strength Development: I started looking for different ways to make an income while traveling, before I left. I didn’t decide on one right away as this was purely to give me an idea of my options to help me prepare. Thankfully I completed my TEFL certificate, before the departure date, which made getting an online teaching job that much easier. Once the adventure began, I started learning my true potential.
  6. Perseverance and Adaptability: Doing this has by no account been an easy task, but I have loved every minute of it, I feel alive. I have sacrificed more than half of what I was earning for the freedom to do what I want to do. I went from working a full-time 7to5 and am now working a part-time job on my clock. Less money more time. The rich learning experience has been worth every minute.
  7. Strategic thinking and Self Confidence: I have decided that following my dreams is probably the best investment I will ever make. I am investing my time and money into the development of myself which indicates that I believe in myself. The lessons I have learnt along the way are invaluable and are setting me up for life.
  8. Problem solving and Analyzing Issues: Things do not always pan out as expected, you might miss a flight lose documents or there may not be an ATM which accepts VISA. We have learnt to think on our feet and act fast.
  9.  Patience and People Skills: I have had to learn to tolerate many different types of cultural behaviors  along the way as well as communicate with people who do not understand English in some high pressure moments.
  10. Teamwork and Personal Limits: I am traveling with my friend and partner, we have encountered some trying times. We have had to keep on reminding ourselves that we are stronger as a team and we need to use each others strengths to our advantage while on this adventure we call life.

I hope you enjoy yours.

Please leave a comment if you have any other tips or advice which I may have missed out on.





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