I had been considering getting a tattoo since the age of seventeen. At the age of twenty eight, I finally put myself in the line of ink.

I always said that if I get a tattoo, it must have some sort of meaning or symbolism. I had been thinking long and hard and wasn’t sure until the day I walked into CNX ink in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I saw an awesome design and asked Ram (the artist and owner of CNX ink) if I could get that one. He said “unfortunately not, that is a custom design which cannot be repeated.” Ram told me that he would gladly do a design for me and that I should give him some ideas to work with.

I knew that I wanted to get tattooed by Ram because of his detailed designs and awesome portfolio. I told him that I wanted a tattoo which encapsulated the four elements and life and thought of a few things which inspire me. The design we came up with was excellent and a work of art by Ram.

I now understand why people say that getting tattoos is addictive, I want another one. Especially if it is going to be another work of art.

Thank you once again for the excellent work. I would highly recommend paying Ram a visit if you are in the area and would like a custom design. Check out their page on Facebook



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