Mthatha Reservoir Dogs

My flights were booked, and we were putting in long hours to finish on time. It was a project I had set my sights on and had full intentions of seeing it through to the end, what happened next was life changing and almost unbearable at times… A Brief Outline I was employed as a […]

Leadership Skills Gained by Trusting Myself

Are you bored at your job or feeling the urge to see something new? Have you been thinking about working and travelling the world like thousands of others? Are you skeptical about the thousands of success stories about how easy it is to leave it all and start an adventure of a lifetime? My Background […]

Mindfulness and Buddhism

I recently attended a meditation retreat organised by the Wat Suandok temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The retreat gave me an insight into Buddhism and taught me about the importance of mindfulness in our lives. To be mindful means to live in the present and to observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance without […]