Bodyboarding – My Love Affair

You might be wandering what in my right mind could have compelled me to quit my job and leave it all behind. As a teen, my life revolved around bodyboarding. It was more than a sport it was a culture and we were loving the ride. The lifesaving days, parties, good mates, chicks and everything […]

My First Tattoo

I had been considering getting a tattoo since the age of seventeen. At the age of twenty eight, I finally put myself in the line of ink. I always said that if I get a tattoo, it must have some sort of meaning or symbolism. I had been thinking long and hard and wasn’t sure […]

The Chiang Mai Gardening Project

We made a vegetable garden and a Tomato and Bean wall with limited resources and a good attitude. How we did it. There was a piece of our garden which was looking a little bit overgrown so we decided to do something about it. We cut the grass back loosened the soil and planted some […]