Time Travel Idea

For many years, I have been curious about various phenomenon such as teleportation and time travel. I now believe that I understand an integral part of the latter. Allow me to explain my perspective on time travel and how I arrived there I was recently writing down the key elements of creating a business plan […]

Dear Mr T

Shifting between multiverses when the lights go out. Immersed in love with beauty all around us. No distractions, knowing everything, you are you, we are one. This life is to live, to experience the magic. -Mr T

Citizens Of Earth

Mother nature has been around for millions of years so quite frankly we should be governed by her laws. We need to love and accept ourselves for who we are. We need to tune our minds to believing that we can make a difference and then start making a difference by improving ourselves. This positive […]

Finding Fulfillment In my Job

Here are some tips to find a happy path to loving your job. Stay inspired. Communicate effectively. Take the reigns, steer your ship. Have you been dissatisfied at work for longer than two weeks? IF YES: Ask yourself, “what makes me happy?” Ask yourself, “why am I at my  job?” Take a look at your […]

Recipe For A Healthy Society

I recently found this script while on my journey and thought it would be a good idea to share it with you. There was no title, so I gave it my own, and the text was very feint but I have attempted to recreate it to the best of my ability. The power of happiness […]

Mindfulness and Buddhism

I recently attended a meditation retreat organised by the Wat Suandok temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The retreat gave me an insight into Buddhism and taught me about the importance of mindfulness in our lives. To be mindful means to live in the present and to observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance without […]