Toni Läderach

Toni was born in Switzerland and speaks like an East Coast SAFFA. He’s lived and worked in different places around the world so probably knows the difference between an African, American, Asian and European by the kinds of food they eat, the bathing attire they prefer, the way they celebrate various occasions, and whether or not the sun rises on their left or right.

Designing, inventing and building things while exploring alternatives, playing music, reading and writing, being active and pushing limits on land and in the ocean is part of what keeps Toni motivated to breathe. The other part is pure love for his family and friends.

Critical thinking could be a reason why he may seem Anarchistic in his views and opinions however he is open minded and able to accept responsibility for his actions as well as be unattached to the beliefs he may once have had. After all, beliefs are only there until truth is discovered, truth dissolves belief.

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“I look into the night with my eyes shut

Searching for that which is inside.

To break free from the trap of the mind

I take a breath and Simply be.”