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Toni was born in Switzerland and speaks like an East Coast SAFFA. He’s lived and worked in different places around the world so probably knows the difference between an African, American, Asian and European by the kinds of food they eat, the bathing attire they prefer, the way they celebrate various occasions, and whether or not the sun rises on their left or right.

Designing, inventing and building things while exploring alternatives, playing music, reading and writing, being active and pushing limits on land and in the ocean is part of what keeps Toni motivated to breathe. The other part is pure love for his family and friends.

Critical thinking could be a reason why he may seem Anarchistic in his views and opinions however he is open minded and able to accept responsibility for his actions as well as be unattached to the beliefs he may once have had. After all, beliefs are only there until truth is discovered, truth dissolves belief.

Hemp and Lime Construction

Toni has been involved in numerous HempLime renovations and new builds since 2018.

Toni’s main HempLime building experience is using the monolithic cast in-situ method (formwork around a structural frame) and with his engineering background has extensive knowledge on materials technology.

Toni works as a construction manager and his team is able to: provide technical consultation; arrange HempLime construction professionals; training seminars and building materials for your next project.

HempLime Projects

2018 VD, Switzerland: Yoga Studio – Applying 18cm of HempLime insulation onto the interior side of an existing wooden wall approx. 30m2

2018 VD, Switzerland: Old farm house renovation – Applying 18 cm HempLime insulation onto the interior side of stone walls approx. 50m2
Applying 5cm of HempLime insulative plaster onto existing stone walls approx. 40m2

2019 CA, USA : Construction of timber framed guest house with mezzanine – 30cm thick exterior HempLime walls approx. 120m2
30cm thick hempLime roof insulation approx. 50m2
Lime plaster on interior and exterior walls surfaces approx. 250m2

2020 EC, South Africa: Remodelling apartments using lime plasters and paints approx. 30m2
and mortars as well as refurbishing and reusing various building elements for sustainable construction practices.

2021 GR, Switzerland: Applying fine lime and clay plaster finishes to walls and ceilings in living areas and bathrooms approx. 150m2

2021 ZH, Switzerland: Applying HempLime insulation to the infills of a half timbered house approx. 20m2

2021 OR, USA: Partial construction of a single family dwelling timber framing and HempLime walls and roof approx. 70m2 as part of a training workshop

2021-2023 Seidoes, Portugal : Renovation of a farmhouse by adding 18cm of HempLime Insulation to stone walls approx. 250m2
Construction of 20cm – 35 cm Monolithic hemp walls straight and curved approx. 75m2
Application of HempLime insulative plaster onto existing stone walls and ceilings approx. 200m2
Application of HempLime insulation into floors approx. 20m2
Application of lime plasters onto interior and exterior walls approx. 40m2

2022 GR, Switzerland: HempLime installation for two single family houses as part of a training and voluntary work basis.
36cm monolithic HempLime exterior walls approx. 250m2
25cm HempLime floor insulation approx. 150m2
30cm HempLime roof insulation approx. 150m2

2022 TG, Switzerland: HempLime installation for three storey two family house with professional crew.
36cm monolithic HempLime exterior walls approx. 420m2
15cm interior separation walls with a HempLime Marble plaster approx. 120m2
HempLime plaster onto various walls approx. 50m2

2022 GR, Switzerland: HempLime installation for single family house with professional crew.
36cm Monolithic HempLime walls (wooden structure visible on exterior) approx. 120m2

2023 KA, Greece: HempLime installation onto concrete frame house using timber infill frames
36cm exterior monolithic HempLime walls approx. 220m2
30cm HempLime roof insulation approx. 120m2
3-5cm HempLime insulative plaster onto walls and ceiling approx. 40m2

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